Entering My 3rd Month In New England


Aldrich Street #1My but time flies by. I’ve completed two months in New England already and am starting month #3. It will be Christmas before you know it and I’m ready for it. I await one last gift to arrive and my preparations are complete. I need to make a trip to the CVS store in Uxbridge to pick up a bit of gift wrapping and supplies. The 4-5 gifts won’t take me long but admittedly I’m not a very good wrapper. I used to wrap everything in aluminum foil with bows on the gifts. My relatives used to get a hoot out of me wrapping the foil tightly around each item to give them a clue as to the contents. Teddy bears were amusing! 🙂

We still haven’t seen one flake of snow yet. Local forecasters state how normal that is and try not to speak the “S—” word. Remember that…

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