Trump rebounds in White House race; Sanders surprises Clinton – Yahoo News

MONROE, N.C. (Reuters) – Republican leaders opposed to Donald Trump becoming the party’s U.S. presidential candidate warned on Wednesday that the billionaire businessman could become unstoppable if he wins two crucial nominating contests next week.One of Trump’s fiercest critics in the Republican Party, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, said that if the billionaire businessman extends his winning streak into crucial contests next week, the New Yorker’s path to the nomination was all but inevitable.”I’m worried that if we lose Florida and Ohio he may be unstoppable,” said Graham, a former Republican candidate who was among the party’s large field of early White House hopefuls.Trump echoed that assessment in a CNN interview, saying that if he wins the primaries in those states, he will be in a position to claim the nomination.”If I win those two, it’s over,” he said.

情報源: Trump rebounds in White House race; Sanders surprises Clinton – Yahoo News



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