Dogsled Racing: Snowmobile attack on Iditarod kills dog | Business Standard News

A snowmobile rider has attacked two mushers and their teams in the annual Iditarod dogsled race across Alaska, killing one dog and injuring several others near the Nulato checkpoint. Organisers said the deliberate attacks upon musher Aliy Zirkle and Jeff King yesterday resulted in a suspect being identified by the Nulato village police officer and authorities are investigating. “It did not seem like an accident,” King told the Iditarod website. “It seemed like an act of bravado and playing chicken. The river is a mile wide, the packed trail is 40 feet wide. I had lights on, reflectors on my harnesses, sled bag, two lights on my person. It really felt like an intentional attempt to scare me.” Nulato race official Karen Ramstead said the suspected attacker had been located. “The driver of the snowmachine has been located,” she told the Iditarod website. “As of now all the dog teams on the river are safe.”

情報源: Dogsled Racing: Snowmobile attack on Iditarod kills dog | Business Standard News



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