The sex-starved marriage セックスレスを治す

The sex-starved marriage | Michele Weiner-Davis | TEDxCU – YouTube

0:00the the new slow I’m gonna talk to you about sex 0:17on to be more precise the sex store 0:21marriage I’m in when I’m done you’ll know three things that you can do 0:26to prevent it from happening in your life so first I like to tell you a story 0:31for the last three decades I’ve been specializing in work with 911 couples 0:37couples who are 0:38truly teetering on the brink of divorce I 0:42resuscitate flatline relationships 0:45I try to teach couples what they need to know to 0:49resolve their differences and fall back in love 0:52it put their kids in bed at night together 0:55it’s not an easy job but I didn’t choose my career 0:59my career chose me you see 1:03I grew up in an incredible family two loving parents who never 1:08law to great brothers a large extended family with whom we spent every weekend 1:14in 1:15all over holidays until one 1:18fateful day I was 16 years old in a senior in high school in my mom called 1:23us all in for a family meeting 1:25and she proceeded to tell us that she’d been miserable for 23 years in her 1:30marriage 1:31and she was getting a divorce from my father no one 1:35saw it coming I told my parents never 1:38fought I remember the feeling of blood rushing for my body thinking 1:44how can this be happening I’m leaving home 1:47in my nest is falling apart and that’s precisely what happened 1:53divorce not only in the marriage 1:56it dissolves family and sadness about the break up with my family still 2:01lingers today 2:03that’s because wars is forever







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