Doodle 4 Google Winner: Akilah Johnson Honors African Heritage |

is Akilah Johnson, a 10th grader, African-American student from Washington D.C. Johnson is the first black student to win Google’s annual national competition for young artists. The 2015 Doodle 4 Google contest required students to work on the theme, “What makes me…me.” Over 100,000 entries from K-12 students enrolled in the US. Johnson’s artwork stood out. It featured her African-American heritage. Entitled “My Afrocentric Life”, her creative use of color pencils, black crayons, and Sharpie markers brought to life her colorful childhood, experiences as well as her personality. It vividly captured current events such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Fanpop Art Therapy – A New Help For Kids With Behavior ProblemsLike us on Facebook Johnson also featured prominent African-American personalities that helped shaped African culture and history. These figures are Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Angela Davis, Colin Powell and Bill Cosby. During an interview, she related how the idea of her heritage become her inspiration for the doodle. “I grew up learning a lot about my history as an African-American. As I grew older, I realized that the black people that came before us has made us into what we are today, so of course, I had to include them in my doodle”, Johnson said. It was an “amazing” experience for the 15-year-old student. Johnson cried after the thought of winning sinked in. She received a hug from her mom Tikecia, who accompanied her in Google’s Mountain View California campus. Google has been doing this national competition for eight years now. The homepage features the winner from the US, but similar contests happen in other countries as well. Google aims to celebrate the talents of today’s children by giving them an opportunity to express themselves through art. Art has been cited as a good form of therapy for people. It helps us relax, free our mind and encourage creative thinking. In Johnson’s case, Doodle 4 Google became an avenue for her to understand how art ‘speaks to people’. She said, “no matter the differences we have, everyone is touched by all art in some way.” Johnson will take home a $30,000 college scholarship, and her school, Eastern Senior High School, will receive a $50,000 education-technology grant.

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10 Cloverfield Lane Is Fun But It’s Not in the Same League as Cloverfield


You’ve probably heard that the new movie 10 Cloverfield Lane started out as an unrelated thriller called The Cellar (or Valencia). And then producer J.J. Abrams decided to rename it 10 Cloverfield Lane, and make it a “sister movie” to his 2008 sleeper hit. This was probably a mistake, because it underscores that this new film, while entertaining, just isn’t in the same league as Cloverfield.I’m going to try to avoid any spoilers in this short review, because the surprises in 10 Cloverfield Lane are a big part of how the movie functions. But I’m going to assume that you’re okay with me talking about stuff that was already revealed in this trailer:

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東日本大震災年で 節電おもちゃなどが展示されています。


2011年 まとめ


新品★ONE PIECE★ワンピース LOGBOX★ログボックス★マリンフォード篇★前篇★全6種セット★メガハウスタカラトミー にんげ<a href=リカちゃん サーティワン アイスクリーム ショップワンピース ログボックス マリンフォード篇 後篇 BOX(11年7月分)[メガハウス]《予約商品07月発売》リカちゃん 「サーティワンアイスクリームショップ」

リカちゃん 「サーティワンアイスクリームショップ」

ワンピース ログボックス マリンフォード篇 後篇 BOX(11年7月分)[メガハウス]《予約商品07月発売》

リカちゃん サーティワン アイスクリーム ショップ